Manifesting Circles

Is it time for you to step into your feminine leadership, take back your power and redesign your reality in a more uplifting way?

  • Overwhelmed, anxious and uncertain about the future?
  • In fear about money and work?
  • Feeling lonely and disconnected?
  • Uncertain about business or work?
  • Struggling with living situations?

Manifesting circles aren’t magic but they are magical! 

Circles are the container we use as a group  to bring new potentials into reality.  Through the power of the group, we harness quantum energy and together create the experience that we want. 

That’s it! If you want to heal something, this is for you. If you want to change something,  this is for you. If you want to create something new in your life, this is for you. We are not here to fix, save or change anyone or anything to be what we think they should be. We are here to connect to source energy, rise above fear and send good vibes for the  greater awareness of individuals, communities and the planet.

WE DO NOT have it all figured out nor do we have all the answers. And we trust that Source energy does. We are here to facilitate, energize and be part of the healing process.

In a Manifesting Circle you will…

  • Flush your fears
  • Lift your limitations
  • Connect love & pleasure
  • Manifest more peace, more love, more money
  • Find your freedom
  • Live as the leader you are

This is an actionable, intentional circle to raise your frequency and live above fear. You'll experience what it feels like to be part of a collaborative, where you are truly seen, to feel powerful, profitable and embrace your feminine leadership.

  • Use the power of intention to shift your focus to what is possible and hold a positive outcome for each other
  • Connect with a community of like minded individuals who know that everything  is possible
  • Experience the powerful ‘rebound effect” in your own life
  • Take action with others on the spiritual path; energizing others, healing and growing
  • Practice a deeper connection with source energy and your own intuition 
  • Meditate as a group 
  • Send and receive energy, love and support from  each other.

 We need  collaborative feminine circles.  Our society is changing  faster than ever and we face enormous challenges that can only be addressed with a different mindset and a different set of actions  than we’ve used in the past.  When empowered women connect, they develop a deep collective power for change and support.

Circles meet the second Wednesday at 7 pm MST by zoom. Each circle is limited to 8 women and we remain a circle for six months. October 13, 2020 begins a new circle. It's a great time to be intentional and supported as we move into the last quarter of the year.

Investment is $249 for six months or $44 a month. You'll participate in 6 powerful, facilitated manifesting circles and be part of a sacred community of like minded women supporting each other.

Please contact me for more information and to find out how to participate.

join the good vibe, highly conscious, woo crew. it's free. 

i invite the misfits, the think out of the box crowd, the goddess, the nerd, the brilliant and the bumbling to be part of our tribe. tools to relax your mind, strengthen your body, and awaken your bliss. time you do something for you.  

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