get highly conscious

come as you are. leave transformed.

highly conscious adjective: ˈhī-lē ˈkän(t)-shəs  

Definition of highly conscious:  intensely aware : acutely mindful

1 : the quality or state of being aware especially of something within oneself

2 : the practice of maintaining a nonjudgmental state of heightened or complete awareness of one's thoughts, emotions, or experiences on a moment-to-moment basis

3 : AWARENESS especially : concern for some social or political cause

4 : the state of being characterized by sensation, emotion, volition, and thought : MIND

5 : the totality of conscious states of an individual

Welcome. I'm Dawn, your tour guide and host on the journey. Together we'll explore what it means to live, work and experience life from a mindful and open state of mind and body.

There's so many ways to explore the highly conscious life. Whether it's a simple as scheduling a massage, attending a conscious cannabis meditation or a feminine manifesting circle, or working with a coach to manage stress and expand love, sex & money, we've got the tools and resources to help you find your health, bliss, inspiration and abundance.

As a life coach and business coach, I work with professionals who want to love themselves more, love the work they do more, live an amazing life and make more money.

I can help you find your clarity, flow and inspiration with coaching, massage, plant medicine meditations and akashic healing.  

The missing link in managing stress and uncertainty is emotional intelligence, or EQ. Emotional smarts outpace, out-earn and out-perform high intelligence. Study after study has shown that people with high emotional intelligence:

  • Perform better
  • Are more productive
  • Solve problems faster
  • Have less drama and conflict 
  • Are more effective leaders
  • Make more money 

If you’re asking yourself:  how do I get more emotionally smart and more resilient to stress?  How do I regain peace of mind and clarity of action?

In our busy world, it’s often hard to control our thoughts…

Reacting to our environments is often the case, and when you’re reacting, you don’t have control… When you discover how to successfully practice the ancient art of meditation, you can take back control in your day-to-day life and calm your mind…

I’ve been using meditation for years to improve my overall calm and general well-being, and I want you to be able to do the same things…

It’s not hard, as long as you learn from someone that knows what they’re doing…

That’s why I’ve put together the ultimate guide to calming your mind with the power of meditation and I've included a guided meditation to get your started.

This Is A Complete Guide That Will Teach How To Calm Your Mind, And Improve Your Overall Health And Well-Being Naturally. . .

Here’s Just Some Of What  You’ll Learn Inside…

  • Why perception is everything and how to take back control of your mind… and your life...
  • And over to meditation… if you’ve never meditated before, you’ll discover exactly what meditation is, why you need it, and how to get started today...
  • Meditation is a great way to calm your mind and take back control, but did you know it can also improve your health and even help you become more successful in your career?
  • The different types of meditation are revealed and you’ll discover which one is the best for you depending on how things are currently going in your life
  • A simple, step-by-step meditation program you can use to get started today
  • How to become more present and use meditation in everything that you do
  • Learn how to tap into the best version of you for ultimate performance in every facet of your life
  • Most of us just walk through life, going through the motions like a zombie… Discover how to come “come back to life” with meditation
  • Discover what a “flow state” is and why it’s important to the human brain
  • Why we’re wired and tired and how to have more energy than you’ve ever had without caffeine or other artificial stimulants
  • The morning ritual you should adopt that will give you more energy, more calm and more focus each and every day
  • An introduction to CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and how you can use it to better control your thought
  • How use CBT to change your life forever and overcome anxiety
  • The simple, yet natural way to sleep better and wake up more rested each day
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