Hello, I'm Dawn Todd.

I'm a Life Coach and Business Coach for Women.

I work with professional women who want to love themselves more, love the work they do more, live an amazing life and make more money.

If it doesn't bring you income, inspiration or orgasms it doesn't belong in your life.

I'm not talking about some cute saying that you saw on a wall decoration.

I'm talking about using your feminine power to invite and attract what you really, really want.

The essence of feminine energy is magnetic, radiant, sensual and grounded.

And if it's not bringing you income, insight or orgasms, chances are that you need to IGNITE your feminine energy and combine that with powerful strategy and actions.   I can help.

Five Ways Women Can

Love More, Live More and Make More


Remember Your Body

So many women run on autopilot all day long, and forget to actually feel what's happening in their body. The Feminine Manifesting Map shows you how to connect your body, your soul-knowing, your sales process and expand into the world as the SexyWiseRebelQueen that you are.


Make the Connection between Libido & Money

Sexual energy is life force energy. It's what drives EVERYTHING that we create and manifest in business & life. Think about it - if your cash flow is down, when's the last time you said YES to some toe-curling pleasure?


Grow Your Ability to Receive

The universe can only give you what you can hold and receive. Expand your ability to hold more energy, more money and more pleasure with tools like breathwork, sensuality practices and plant medicine, including cannabis.


Measure Your Results

The greatest tool in changing reality is the ability to observe and therefore make something real. When you see it happening, you solidify it. It's super easy to dollarize the value of pleasure and intentions in business!


Find Your Circle

This approach to business and life can be a completely new way of thinking and being. It requires a new mindset to try something new. Having a community of like-minded women who speak the language of pleasure and feminine intention makes all the difference.