Intentional Business

Walk straight through the chaos of the present world, unlock the force of genius that is yours and yours alone and step into the life and business you came to create.

Why is Intention so Powerful?

Because whatever you focus your attention on is what will show up in your life. Said another way - your consistent thoughts create your consistent results.  

      You should already know by now that you are the cause of everything that happens in your world. What this also means is that your present results are the effects of your previous thoughts. In other words, when you look at your world today, you are actually looking at yourself as you were yesterday. The world at any present moment of NOW reflects your thoughts and state of being BEFORE the present moment of NOW.

Your Intentions sets the Universe in motion

      Intention initiates the creation of everything you experience in your life. Your intention literally sets the forces of the universe in motion. Intention is powerful in itself. But now... imagine multiplying the power of your intentions exponentially so that the results would not only be more dramatic -- but would also manifest your desires at record speed.

That’s the Power of Intentional Business!

My desire for this course is to empower you to total freedom of choice about the way your business works – to create, attract and profit in your work - the perfect business for you!

If you are serious about navigating uncertainty in business and life and want to use the latest research in quantum physics, neurology and biology to make it happen, this course is for you!

In this unique and powerful course, you'll learn to:

  • Create a symbol of your life work that magnetizes business to you
  • Attract and keep perfect customers and team members
  • Develop a tracking system to track the speed and quality of your intentions and actions 
  • Program your guidance system to direct you to outstanding results
  • Attract resources to totally support you in your endeavors
  • Completely release beliefs that have held you back
  • Create a rinse and repeat sales and marketing plan you can use again and again
  • Double your business in 90 days
  • Master feminine intelligence and manifesting

Intentional Business is for you if you. . .

  • Want to Stop Being at the Mercy of Outside Forces and Create with Intention and Clarity
  • Need a New Strategy and System to Cultivate Business in the New Normal
  • Are Ready to Make More Money with Ease & Flow
  • Are Struggling to Find the Your Marketing and Sales Ground When Face to Face is Not an Option
  • Are Rethinking What Really Lights You Up
  • Are Ready to Align Spirituality, Growth and Business
  • Are Unwilling to Settle for Okay or Good Enough
  • Outside Emotional Drama Constantly Sucks Your Time & Attention, Stripping Your Abundance and Clarity
  • Are In the Process of Conceiving New Ways of Living and Working
  • What Used to Make You Feel Good Is Not Working Anymore
  • You've Outgrown your Day-to-Day Inspiration and Goals
  • Are Open to New Ways of Creating and Attracting Business and Perfect Clients

Here's What You'll Learn

Improving Your KISS (Key Indicators of Strategic Success)

This is the place where the rubber meets the road. How many times have you wondered when real change is going to happen in your business and life? Do you wonder when your finances are going to stabilize - or maybe you just feel like your business totally out of control and you just can’t get a handle on it. You can turn your business around and see quantifiable results in less than a week using Key Indicators. This module is about understanding the difference between what you can control and what you can’t and planning action to drive the goals you can control.

Intention and Embodiment

Business is NOT just all about the numbers and the strategy.  It’s also about the energy behind the business  - your energy – and how you intentionally cultivate that energy.    Conscious manifesting just may be the most important skill feminine leaders learn to master.  Why?  Because when women are profitable, they give back.   And raising a woman’s income level ripples out to her family,  her community and the world.  Mastering the art of feminine manifesting is the easy with the simple steps you’ll learn in this module. 

Activating FEMQ - Feminine Intelligence

You’ve heard of IQ  - it refers to intelligence quotient. It’s a score you receive after taking a  standardized test designed to evaluate intelligence.  EQ stands for emotional quotient - this is about your ability to recognize and control your own and others emotions. Now there’s FemQ - it's the way we refer to the intelligence of feminine leadership.  Intuition. Collaboration. Nourishing self and others.   Aligning spirituality, growth and empowerment.  FemQ is the most down to earth, comprehensive process to take your own initiative and unlock the force of genius that is yours and yours alone. You’ll  learn the difference between that which keeps you trapped and that which brings you freedom and draw experiences that enrich your spirit instead of distract you from yourself. 

Strategic Attraction Planning

Marketing in the new normal is based on creating affinity, and challenging times call for a new way of thinking. When people have the option to instantly turn off your message, then it's your job to create something to attract your perfect clients. The catch - you need to do it in 10 seconds or less! In this module you'll define your perfect clients and become an MBA - Manager by Attraction. You'll build powerful relationships that support you in achieving your core purpose and understand the number one reason people make referrals. You will also create a 90-day email and social media plan so you never have to wonder what or when to post again.

Intuition in Business

According to both Inc and Forbes, the most successful CEOs use intuition in their business to solve problems and gather insight into difficult situation. It gives you an edge that moves past limitations and eliminates excuses or reasons why you can’t do something. Using your intuition, you tap into a segment of your imagination that is combined with knowledge. You're in good company when you use intuition in business: Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Steve Jobs and Elon Musk all credit their use of intuition as leading to intelligence, imagination, and innovation. You'll learn easy ways to tap into and rely upon your higher intelligence for the success of your business.

Double in 90

At this point we are almost half way through the process of creating urgency, right actions and right mindset to take your business to a new level.  Success is always predictable when you are aligned and taking inspired action.  Like every journey, it is always wise to check in and evaluate what’s working and if you are still headed in the right direction. In this module you’ll build on the progress you’ve made and evaluate your results. You’ll learn where your strengths and challenges are, what your business and decision-making profile is, what stage of business you’re in and what it really takes to scale with intention.

What's Included:

  • Six In-Depth Training Modules
  • Daily Morning Mastery Videos
  • Weekly Immersive Meditation Experiences
  • Weekly Live Q&A Call
  • 90 Days and Beyond of Guidance and Support

Bonus #1

Lifetime Access to Training and Meditations Anywhere, Any Time

Bonus #2

Lifetime Participation in Weekly Q & A Coaching Group

Bonus #3

Copy of Dawn's three books: Feminine Intention, LovePrayManifest and Embodied Manifesting

Bonus #4

Video Training - Overcoming Resistance and Overwhelm in Business

Meet Your Trainer, Dawn Todd

Dawn is a coach, speaker and author. She helps smart women connect intelligence with intuition, get out of their head and into their body and reconnect with the most feminine, sensual + embodied versions of themselves, the place where our freedom, power and prosperity lives.  

Dawn is committed to empowering people to create transformation. With over 25 years as an entrepreneur, coach, author, bodyworker and breathworker she brings a deep understanding of spiritual principles alongside grounded practices for life and for business  

Her stellar list of partners include Country Financial, Microsoft, American Express, Napoleon Hill Foundation, Rockies Venture Club, Angel Capital Summit, eWomenNetwork, and Constant Contact. Find Dawn's books at

Schedule an Intention Accelerator Call

Not sure you can do this? I've got a story for you...

I remember when I began to think I might actually have something to teach people about balancing family, self care, entrepreneurship and relationship.

 I'd just gotten back from paddleboarding on the lake and my neighbor was in her yard. It was mid afternoon and an afternoon thunder storm was threatening. I put on a pot of coffee and we sat outside under my patio umbrella as a light rain fell.  

"I could never take off in the middle of the day to go do something fun like that," she told me. My friend was building a really promising business, and I knew she was feeling overwhelmed with balancing kids, working from home and trying to stay connected to her spiritual side. She was new to using her feminine intention and to being the SexyWiseRebelQueen of Everything and I could see how she was struggling.

I looked at her and I said: "Wanna bet?"

We set a weekly coffee date: one hour a week totally devoted to building her FemQ and manifesting skills and refining her goals and intentions.  

After a month she was my regular paddleboarding buddy, her revenues were up and her stress level was way down. After three months, she didn't need my help anymore. Today she told me that our conversations made all the difference for her in making more money, feeling calmer and more in control of her world.  

If my friend could do this, I know you can, too. I've seen what gets results—and I'd love to share it with you.

Do less, be happy, enjoy more. More energy, more intention.  Less stress, more bliss.  


This class is designed to move you through material in the fastest way possible with the most support. There are six modules. Class material is available for you 24/7 and you can progress at your own pace. You may attend the weekly Q & A calls for as long as you like. I suggest you attend all the calls especially during your first 90 days as you will be actively working on your first doubling process.

You can attend the weekly coaching Q & A calls AS LONG AS YOU LIKE. You have LIFETIME access to the program and to the LIVE support calls.

Think about that for a minute. You can come back to this training and support anytime you need help, input or want to revamp your business.

If you have private coaching with me, after enrollment, I will provide a link to schedule your session. Feel free to schedule as soon as you like.

So here's the deal. I'm not enlightened or any smarter than you are. The difference between us might be that I am fierce about expanding my conscioness and empowering awakening in others. This class is edgy, new, powerful and it works. If you are open and ready to try something completely different and (most importantly) ready to recieve what you actually want, this is your chance.