Excerpted from Embodied Manifesting:

"A woman who awakens her power is in touch with the deep resources of love, strength and clarity that are her birthrights.  

She is radiant, aware and mindful. She has released the past and left behind the doubt, pain and fear that have kept her tied down for so long. She says yes to what life brings her, knowing that she’s creating her experience moment by moment.  

She’s learned the subtle balance between declaring her reality and receiving her highest good. She is confident because she trusts herself to make choices that support and nourish her, without guilt, shame or fear of the consequences. She beckons intention and allows the field to do the work. This requires great faith, which she fully embraces.  

The atoms of the universe arrange themselves in the shape of an awakened woman’s desires as she extends her gifts and offerings into the world. This skillful balance allows her to receive more abundance, joy and freedom than she ever thought was possible.  

You are this woman, and your power is on the rise. The secret seed of your wildest dreams is ready to be awakened."

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