You are a powerful and awake being inhabiting a strong mind & body. You know how deeply life, love, business, body, family and self are connected. Being highly conscious means that you are connecting your mental, spiritual, and physical parts into one being and using all the tools available you. 

Dawn Todd is a therapist, teacher, author, serial entrepreneur, consciousness junkie and a life long seeker of bliss for herself and others. She's been a bodyworker & energy healer since 1992 and a business coach since 2006, Her work is a culmination of her life-long quest for healing, abundance and connection and to share that with others. 

And then there is the business bio:

Dawn Todd is a five-time author, grandmother and the Founder of Wildly Successful Women, a networking organization of over 10,000 members.  With over twenty-five years as an energy medicine teacher and practitioner and fifteen years as an author, speaker and executive business consultant, Dawn brings a deep understanding of sacred feminine energy, sensual manifesting, prosperity consciousness and intention alongside grounded business practices.

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