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Sacred Pleasure Rebel

A Sacred Pleasure Rebel is a person who courageously and boldly disrupts the status quo, unapologetically rejects society's conventions, and chooses to live joyously and with radical pleasure. They recognize that within every present moment lies infinite potential for growth, boundless power, and transformational healing.

Sensuality expands consciousness and abundance by allowing Sacred Pleasure Rebels to experience life in increasingly profound ways. Through invigorating self-expression, they unlock their inner strength, intuition, and truth - establishing a connection between themselves and their true purpose in life.

When sensual energy is intentionally cultivated with kindness towards oneself and others, each individual can create more meaningful relationships to the people in their lives as well as nature itself. This leads to enhanced overall well-being on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels alike.

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Five ways to know that you're a Sacred Pleasure Rebel (or ready to be one)

  • You want to be even more comfortable exploring and expressing your desires and feelings in new ways.
  • You take pleasure in experimenting with different avenues of self-expression.
  • You embrace the idea of joyous living without judgment or guilt.
  • You are open to discovering and trying out new activities that bring you joy and fulfillment.
  • You can recognize the power of pleasure to promote healing, growth, and transformation within yourself and those around you

If it's your turn quantum expand your power, pleasure and money... join me for the Sacred Pleasure Rebel Immersion.  In this seven week experience,  I’ll guide you step-by-step through the process of. . .


1. Learning a body centered process to  activate the power centers of money, influence and impact

2. Awakening the power of pleasure and desire

3. Enhancing and expanding orgasmic pleasure

4. Learning  to love  your fear

5. Developing authentic confidence

6. Nourishing the feminine intention (pleasure,  profit and a fabulously good  time)

7. Feeling grounded, powerful, courageous and free

8. Mastering ancient and little know techniques of manifesting with sensual energy

Here's what's included:

  • Seven Weekly Training + Breathwork Calls with Dawn 
  • Private Telegram Group
  • Handouts + Recordings
  • Sacred Pleasure Rebel Live - One Day Immersion 
  • Pay in Full $1997 and Receive a 1:1 Private Coaching or Breathwork Session with Dawn 
  • Installment Plan Available
  • Beginning Early February 2023

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Meet Dawn 

Dawn Todd is the Founder of Wildly Successful Women, a networking organization of over 10,000 members.  She’s also a teacher, author, serial entrepreneur, consciousness junkie and a lifelong seeker of bliss for herself and others. 

With over twenty-five years as an energy medicine teacher and practitioner and fifteen years as an author, speaker and executive business consultant, Dawn brings a deep understanding of sacred feminine energy, sensual manifesting, prosperity consciousness and intention alongside grounded business practices.

You can find out more at or Her stellar list of partners include Country Financial, Microsoft, American Express, Napoleon Hill Foundation, Rockies Venture Club, Angel Capital Summit, eWomenNetwork, and Constant Contact.