Daytona Beach, FL | May 3-5, 2024

Water Breathwork + Business Manifesting

Are you ready to transform the way you manifest and interact with the universe? You are invited to a unique experience to reset joy, pleasure, and abundance. Expand your business and your personal growth with warm pool aquatic breathwork and somatic manifesting, set against the serene backdrop of Daytona Beach, Florida.

Somatic manifesting integrates the wisdom of the body with the power of intention to create a deeply aligned path toward manifesting desires and goals.

We understand that the body is not merely a vessel, but a source of knowledge and intuition that can guide us toward more authentic, powerful, and effective actions in the world. By tuning into somatic intelligence—our body's signals, sensations, and intuitive nudges—we unlock a deeper connection to our true desires, enabling us to manifest from a place of whole-being alignment.

Through somatic manifesting, we learn to honor our body’s wisdom as a crucial component of the manifestation process, leading to innovative and resilient business models and a fulfilling, impactful legacy that is in profound harmony with our evolving selves.

As women we have to stop pushing and creating more resistance. It is not necessary for freedom and success. Breathwork teaches you, through direct somatic revelation, to activate an inner knowledge of your true divine nature. Return to joy, pleasure and fulfillment as the evolutionary pleasure rebel that you are.

Why You Absolutely Can't Miss This:

  • Aquatic Breathwork: Imagine doing breathwork, but you’re floating. Breathwork was invented in the water and will transform drama and trauma quickly and gently.
  • Easy Yoga on the Beach: Stretching and soaking up the amplified oxygen and grounding into the sand, your body will thank you
  • Somatic Manifesting: Experience a holistic transformation that harmonizes the personal, professional, and spiritual aspects of life. 

  • The Location: Port Orange/Daytona Beach has amazing beaches and a healing vibe. We'll be using a private warm pool for breathing and going to the beach for yoga.
  • Food & Lodging: Because the only thing better than a life-changing retreat is one where you don’t have to worry about where to stay and what to eat, food and lodging is included. 
  • The Price: At $606 inclusive this is a great opportunity. Remember this isn’t just an investment in your business; it’s an all-access pass to the next level of YOU.

Who Is This For?

Being a vibrationally visible leader transcends the conventional boundaries of leadership, blending the essence of personal energy with impactful influence. It's about resonating at a frequency that not only aligns with one's core values and vision but also inspires and uplifts others to tap into their highest potential. A vibrationally visible leader doesn't just lead with words or actions; they lead with their energetic presence, creating a powerful ripple effect that fosters an environment of positivity, innovation, and holistic growth. If you are ready to expand your personal growth, your vibrational leadership AND your profit, don’t miss this retreat!

This retreat is a celebration of all that you've been through, acknowledging the strength, wisdom, compassion, and empowerment that each challenge has bestowed upon you. It's time to embrace life and the rebirth happening within your soul.

Here's the details.

Fly into Daytona Beach, Jacksonville or Orlando. There are shuttles available or you can rent a car. Plan on arriving Friday afternoon after 4 pm. We will complete Sunday afternoon around 5 pm. You can fly out Sunday or stay until Monday morning. Should you stay and explore Daytona and Port Orange on Monday, you are welcome to leave your bags at my home in Port Orange until your flight. Check out from the Airbnb is Monday at 10 am.

Aquatic breathwork is done in a warm water pool with supervision, either with a snorkel or on your back. You will need to bring your own snorkel and yoga mat.

$606 includes food and lodging. Please text or call me if you have questions. Space is limited! I'm happy to make payment arrangements if needed.

Hello, my name is Dawn.

I'm excited to share the transformative experience of aquatic breathwork and somatic manifesting. To say that I LOVE to teach these two topics would be an understatement.

The passion of my heart is to empower healing, hope and sovereignty women - and that helps them say YES to working less, making more and having a whole lot more fun!

I hope you can join us - space is limited to six, so please do not delay if you want to attend.

Questions? Please call or text me @ seven two zero, three six six, zero seven seven three. :)  

Yes, I'm IN!
Here's my  $100 non-refundable deposit.  
 $606 inclusive