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Who am I to talk about this?  This is a true story . .. 

As the founder and CEO  of Wildly Successful Women, and as a life and business coach for the last 15 years,  working mostly with women, I have realized; the time has come to tell my story. I have spent the better part of my life trying to rewrite my story into something more palatable, something posh and shiny, perfect and simple. However, I have come to see that in order to truly help and inspire not only my clients but women everywhere, to earn their trust and respect, they must know the path I have walked and see that no one’s destiny falls like stardust out of the sky. It is fought and won, claimed and owned one day at a time, one victory at a time. 

At the age of 18, just six months after I had graduated from high school, I was married and became a member of a strict religion. In addition to being forbidden to watch television, listen to music, cut my hair, or wear pants in public, I was also subjected to intimidation, mental and physical abuse in the name of religion at the hands of my husband. 

After seven years,  when I confronted church  leaders about this behavior, I was condemned and cast out.  Invisible to my entire congregation  and extended family.   With nothing to fall back upon, no money,  education, or community,  my three daughters and I set out into a world previously unknown to us to make a new life. I took the only skill I had at the time and began a housecleaning service. Later I took care of disabled individuals in my home, tending them, caring for them and supporting them.  Every extra penny I had, I poured into educating myself and advancing my family. In time I earned paralegal certification, then massage certifications and finally opened and ran a successful massage business for eighteen years.

Ultimately I had two more daughters, and two stepdaughters came into my life through my current marriage, completing my family. Today, I am the proud mother of 7 amazing women I call my daughters.   Surrounded by these women, and the many others in my life, I feel called to empower the women of my life to make choices that will ultimately give them freedom and control over their own destiny. I want to ensure that women everywhere have the opportunity to  live their own wild, wise and free lives and to claim it for themselves.

With this motivation, I created The Feminine Intention and a founded  Wildly Successful Women, a group for networking and the development and empowerment of women.  With over 10,000 members  around the world,  we offer women business and life coaching, seminars and educational opportunities to facilitate them to their wild, wise and free selves and to  live on purpose.   

Too often I hear women (and men too) tell me that they have stayed in the wrong job, the wrong marriage, the wrong house, and the wrong town because they didn’t know how to seize their own WILDNESS and to live a life of deep meaning. It is time to step forward in faith and to be FREE!  

My own life has taught me; life is short. We must live it as though we are sucking on the most delicious piece of chocolate.  Savor it, and find the pleasure at every turn.  We must lap up every bit. Because just like that; life is here, and then it’s gone.   Our pleasure and joy is the path to fulfilling our calling.   Find your pleasure and have more fun.  It’s calling you to your wild and wise freedom! 

To  YOUR  Wild & Wise  Success,