Awakening Power Breathwork

Every Tuesday @ 7 pm MST

This is a unique opportunity to experience the healing power breathwork in a sacred setting. The benefits of this type of ceremony are many – you can expect to feel more connected to yourself and others, have a deeper understanding of your life path, and experience relief from physical and emotional pain.

• Transform your life with the power of the breath

• Experience deep healing and transformation in a safe and sacred space

Deeply heal on all levels for profound change

• Connect with other seekers who are also on their own transformational journey.

To reserve your place kindly REGISTER HERE. This is a FREE community event. 

If you have any questions,  you can reach me at or 720-366-0773.

The work to claim soul-sovereignty and find the truth of you is the most important work you’ll ever do.  It   is a journey of self-discovery, reclaiming power and unearthing the sacred teacher within. 

Soul-sovereignty is the concept that each individual has sovereignty over their own soul or essence. It is through the recognition and expression of this divine essence that one can fully understand their purpose in life.

Soul sovereignty is the ability to know and stand in one's own truth, allowing one to express their authentic self with confidence and courage. Full embodiment is the process of reclaiming one’s power and true essence by confronting and releasing limiting beliefs, healing emotional wounds, and rediscovering one's authentic nature. By doing so, we can experience the fullness of our being and live in alignment with our soul's true purpose. 

Benefits include:

  • Clearing blockages to money and abundance
  • Healing of relationships 
  • Creating alignment in work and money
  • New inspiration and opportunities in your work and spiritual life
  • More love and enjoyment
  • New or more aligned community
  • Greater wellbeing and ease in your body
  • Creative abilities that you didn't even realize you had opening up effortlessly
  • Deep connection to your soul 

Awakening Power Breathwork

You'll understand.


  • Why breath is the connecting link between mind and body
  • How to breathe in such a way to quickly release past trauma 
  • Why plant medicine can help heal your brain and how to use it with intention
  • Tools to work with fear, anxiety and sadness to help you take more inspired action
  • Why aquatic breathwork is foundational to deep healing (breathwork actually was discovered in the WATER)
  • Practices to open and clear your energy and raise your vibration
  • To invite heightened levels of creativity, awareness and present moment focus
  • New coping strategies for dealing with stress, anxiety or trauma related memories
  • Somatic integration skills specially geared to journey work

One more thing.

After facilitating breathwork since 1994, I've learned that the breath is the fastest, easiest and least expensive way to awaken and activate your soul.

If you have a deep desire to be free from the accumulated BS of life and to REALLY embrace your high vibration soul, if you want to skyrocket your clarity, intuition and your abundance, the time is now.

This is an invitation-only experience, so apply or get on my schedule and see if this is right for you.



PS Check out the text I got from a recent ceremony participant. It's feedback like that that motivated me to put this program together.

To reserve your place kindly REGISTER HERE. This is a FREE community event. 

If you have any questions,  you can reach me at or 720-366-0773.