What I Learned About Feminine Energy from Two Gay Guys and a Drag Queen

So let me start by saying that the names in this story have been changed to protect privacy. With that said, I recently had new neighbors move in next door. I live in deep-suburbia Colorado, and most of my neighbors are older and pretty conservative. I am a women owned business, and I spend most of my days talking with women entrepreneurs about how to make money, and the connection between money, creativity and the feminine power center, located as part of the sacral chakra.

The new neighbors seemed like nice enough people, two men and a few other people who were coming and going. Being the overly friendly person that I am, I made some brownies and took them next door. My new neighbors invited me in, and as they enjoyed the 420 benefits of living in Colorado, I enjoyed a glass of wine.

Mark and Mike had been married for 21 years and had come to Colorado to experience the green revolution. Turns out Mike was a native of Colorado, coming home after his world travels with Mark. All of Mikes’ old friends were constantly stopping by to say hello. This day Butch stopped by for a visit.

Butch was the life of the party and great at keeping us entertained. I asked Butch what he did for a living. Butch was a drag-queen who hosted weekly parties for his very wealthy clients. In drag, Butch was known as Whitney, as in Whitney Houston, because it turns out, Butch could sing. And I mean, he could sing.

After talking for several hours, we was decided to have dinner the following week, on a day that my husband could join us. As we parked the car at the restaurant to meet Mark, Mike and Butch for dinner, my husband I and I were looking forward to a relaxing evening. We were seated at a table for five, awaiting our new neighbors. I looked up as Mark and Mike came though the restaurant, and right behind them was Whitney Houston, or at least someone who looked remarkably like Whitney Houston.

And this is where it gets fun. As I sat back and watched, I saw a man transformed into a women. She was so mesmerizing that men from around the restaurant were straining to see who she was. I am not talking merely about physical beauty, and of course that part really was skin deep. I’m talking about the sensual, confident energy that Whitney wore like the subtle scent of perfume. As I watched her work the room and speak to the people approaching, I had a realization that shot through me with a jolt. Being feminine, powerful and successful has jack-sh*t to do with the packaging and everything to do with mastering your own energy and confidence.

I was enjoying the experience of seeing Whitney radiate feminine energy and absolutely own herself. No apologies, no shame, no dimming down and hiding. Simply saying this is who I am and I am ‘effing fabulous. And that’s all about knowing yourself, what you want and how you want to feel.

And honestly, it’s the place that I see women struggle the most. Mastering manifesting and making money is such an inside job. No marketing, sales training, website or social media strategy will be successful until you own your feminine energy.

The second chakra, as well as the first and the third, contribute to the feminine power center. It’s here that soul calling lives, as well as our relationship to money and receiving, creativity and legacy. The services and products in our business are created here. And yet women are trained from a young age to ignore this part of the body. Certainly in business, the power of feminine energy is not discussed.

As the evening progressed, I had to marvel at how a short, middle age, rotund and balding man could exude the kind of gracious confidence I was seeing. It was all intention. Pure and simple. A deep desire to experience something, to feel powerful and fabulous. From Mark and Mike, I learned the sweetness of honoring old friends and making new ones. And to Whitney, thank you. You showed me something I knew but needed to understand at an even deeper level. Setting intentions is absolutely vital to the experience you have. And you, too, can harness this. It’s all in the gut, baby, the feminine power center. Activate it – and open your feminine energy.

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