The Glow of Feminine Leadership

“Feminine power isn’t something we go out and acquire, it’s already within us. It’s something we become willing to experience and something to admit that we have.”  – Marianne Williamson.

In working with women from all over the country it has become so clear that it is the inner glow that attracts success.   It doesn’t really matter what marketing trick or strategy you use. If you have not turned on your own inner light  people simply do not see the value of working with you.

People pay you for your energy and connection because it reminds them that it is possible for them to
feel the same way.  Your inner glow magnetizes people because they see it in your and want that light for themselves.

Turning on that inner light starts with being rather than doing.  It naturally follows then that nourishing yourself and maintaining a sense of inner wellness and peace may well be the most important part of becoming a conscious feminine leader and creating the impact you really want to.

This inner radiance is the by-product of exquisite self-care coupled with mindful body- centered practices. Please don’t confuse self-care with being selfish.  Everything and everyone around you depends  you your energy and ability to be the positive force for good.

What one action can you take TODAY that will contribute to YOU?