I know you, you’re an awake and aware women. You’re on a spiritual path, longing to create your life they way you know it was meant to be. You spend time everyday trying to maintain your balance and inner peace, serve your family, perhaps run a business and do your best to give back.

We are at a choice point and you can feel it. It’s almost as though you know that the feminine brilliance that you’ve been to afraid to express is part of a much bigger picture and that scares you! You KNOW that your work will make a huge impact.

It’s so easy to buy into the biggest lies women tell ourselves – that we’re not good enough, not smart enough, that there is not enough time, that we have to hurry up and be perfect.

And even though you know intellectually that you create your own reality, you haven’t been able to really manifest the life of your wildest dreams.

Why is it, that in spite of the forward movement that women have made in industrial society in the last 100 years, that most of us are still feeling isolated, alone, and not good enough to do what we came to do?

We haven’t yet truly tapped into the real source of our feminine brilliance and leadership. We’ve worked so hard to be good enough and fit into a system of power that NEVER supported the feminine and never will. The current system of business and commerce was created as a masculine power system, and as brilliant feminine leaders, we simply cannot function at our highest and best in a system that doesn’t support feminine brilliance and energy.

I see this all the time—women stretching themselves in different directions, trying to fit schedules and molds created by a masculine society. This mold looks nothing like women’s natural shape. Much as the masculine-driven beauty industry has set high standards regarding physical appearance, the masculine-driven business and social worlds have created impossible standards for women, which devalue our inherent feminine qualities.

We’re expected to behave like men at work (be assertive, close the deal, bring home the bacon), and like perfect mothers and wives at home (cook from scratch, go to all the kids functions, keep the house spotless). We’re expected to keep rigid, masculine schedules, and to fit our femininity into clearly defined, segregated parameters. More and more, modern women just don’t know what to do with themselves in a world where the masculine way of business and life has dominated for so long.

We all know the drill of hurry up and be bigger, faster, stronger, I call these the seven big lies.  These  seven lies are the root of our attempts to fit these molds. These lies are such an integral part of our culture that we don’t even realize they’re in play. But we were raised on them—taught to believe them both explicitly and implicitly by our mothers, fathers, teachers, friends, and society at large. See if you can recognize any of these mindsets at work in your life.

Be Perfect
Be Strong
Hurry Up
Try Harder
Please Others
I’m Not Good Enough
Something’s Wrong with Me

Did you know that connecting with your feminine side on a daily basis can actually make your life easier, more enjoyable and more productive? Now, this is something you might have never heard of…it is so true!

In our busy lives nowadays, priorities have changed big time for us women. Most of us run out the door in the morning, without even thinking too much, only focusing in the full day that awaits us.

Only when you finally say “I’m not doing it this way anymore. There’s got to be a better way"  you finally get in touch with your wild wisdom, your feminine essence.  It's the beginning of freedom, when we start the process of undomesticating ourselves, and determine to embrace our natural talents and honor our needs—no matter what. This is a journey to our own brilliance.

Choosing to live in alignment with our talents and desires means expressing our brilliance to the world. It means identifying our most potent forms of self-care, and making them a priority. It means stepping away from situations, relationships or jobs that don’t feel right for us, and refusing to rent out all of our time and mental space to the priorities of others.  Today. Now.  Make the list of what's working and what simply isn't working anymore and resolve to begin the transformation.