Soul Awakening B-School

for Teachers, Healers, Mystics, and Cannabis Goddesses 

twelve month container to master plant medicine cannabis and breathwork facilitation skills, deepen intuition, reclaim your sacred sexuality and create a kick-ass business.  

As The Great Awakening continues to up level consciousness,  more and more people are experiencing a healing crisis - a time when deep personal loss or pain catapults you to find a way to end your suffering.   And we need healers now, more than ever.  

If you’ve EVER thought about taking your wisdom and talents and turning it into a business helping other people, the time could NOT be better!   

This twelve month training prepares you to FACILITATE EVENTS that SERVE THE WORLD using breathwork, conscious cannabis, energy medicine and Akashic healing.

You’ll also master my signature business building process called Double in 90.  You will learn how to use quantum frequency and intention, apply it to best business practices to DOUBLE YOUR CLIENTS, CASH or INCOME in 90 DAYS!.

If you’re a cannabis goddess, bodyworker, coach, yoga teacher or healer or you’ve wanted to quantum leap your business OR you’ve been aching to find a way to start a business in alternative healing,  then this invitation today might change the trajectory of your life and the lives of those you could help.  

Before we go any further let me make something abundantly clear. . .

The need for healers, therapists and coaches has never been greater.  It’s why this industry is one of the fastest growing industries on the planet and the demand for skilled facilitators is going through the roof. 

The number of people experiencing anxiety, depression and loneliness is skyrocketing. CoVid-19 and the resulting economic impact has negatively affected many people’s mental health and sense of community.   

Many adults are reporting difficulty sleeping (36%) or eating (32%), increases in alcohol consumption or substance use (12%), and worsening chronic conditions (12%), due to worry, stress and job loss.

Over 26% of adults use cannabis. Most use it as a way to check out, get high, deal with stress. But there is so much more to cannabis than smoking a bowl and watching Netflix.

Cannabis is known as one of five sacred plants that are known to have a guardian angel living in her leaves.  The blooming and potent flower of cannabis is a symbol of the sensual divine feminine. Imbibing her with intention is an act of connection with divine mother.

Modern healers and spiritual practitioners all over the world are using cannabis in highly conscious ways.  And it’s creating a new community of mystics who embrace plant medicine cannabis and energy healing.  

Imagine being able to have tools that heal underlying trauma and at the same time wake you up to who you really are. And maybe best of all, a way to connect with the people you can help the most.

By offering a healing and empowering space for yourself and others, you have the ability to invite clients to experience the work you do, and to provide powerful and impactful events that have people wanting to experience what you create over and over.

Holding sacred space as a Cannabis Breathwork Facilitator, Reiki Healer and Akashic reader is an incredible service to the world.

Did you know that creating money is really about tapping into the deep abundance of the universe flowing through us.  And you know that the only way you have complete input into the flow of money is entrepreneurship.  Awakening your flow of wealth means that you have succeeded in activating your soul work and saying YES to your own pleasure.  

How well you receive pleasure has everything to do with how your receive money and support.  What happens in the bedroom plays out in the boardroom. Healing your relationship with sex and money is the most empowering and liberating action a woman can take.  

The archetype and guide on the path of sacred sex and money is Mary Magdalene. She embodied the healed feminine and the financial powerhouse in her relationship with Yeshua.

Sexual energy is life force energy. It creates new life. Women need to direct that energy somewhere, and when we don't it can stagnate in all sorts of destructive ways, creating everything from depression to weight gain to health problems to zero cash flow.


So, does a healthy dose of sexual magnetism equal abundance and soulful entrepreneurship?  YES! and a healthy dose of sexual energy creates a strong healthy energy field that easily hold sacred facilitation space.

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This Program Is For YOU if:

  • You Want to Expand Your Impact in the World and Want Aligned and Energetic Support.
  • You Want to Stop Being at the Mercy of Outside Forces and Create with Intention and Clarity.
  • You Need a New Strategy and System to Cultivate Business.
  • You Are Ready to Stop Self-Sabotaging, and Start Doing the Work You Came to Do.
  • You Are an Empath and an Entrepreneur and You Want to Create a Profitable, Pleasure-Filled Soul-Aligned Life and Business.
  • You Want to Be Part of the Wildly Successful Cannabis Industry.
  • You Want to Create a Different Cannabis Culture for Yourself and Others.
  • You Want More Pleasure, More Fun, and More (and Better) Sex!

I can't wait for you to join us on this journey.

I can promise you that this course is going to expand your sense of what's possible in love, sex and money. From basic principles to practical tips, I'm going to give you all the tools you need to succeed. Plus, the course format makes learning fun!

-Dawn Todd

This experience isn't for everyone but it's PERFECT for the right person. If you'd like more information or to see if this might be your next step, please schedule a Soul-Strategy Session.

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Meet Dawn

After 4 marriages,

3 divorces,

6 pregnancies,

5 births,

2 lost custody battles,

2 bonus kids,

I addicted child and

36 years of successful entrepreneurship with 9 different businesses,

I learned that reclaiming my own peace of mind and integrity is the most important intention that I could ever have.

It is more important than the money, the recognition or any of the perks. These tools teach you how to enter quantum states of healing, navigate the underworld of pain and trauma and shift soul contracts and agreements that have kept you and those you love in bondage.

But let me introduce myself, I'm Dawn Todd, cannabis goddess, sensual priestess, reiki teacher, mystic, sacred business mentor, psychonaut and grandmother.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 30 years. I LOVE business. I LOVE empowering women to be powerful and feminine. And I LOVE the intersection of consciousness in life and business.

It's my sweet spot, to help women grow amazing businesses and a life that deeply matters to them, using not only straight up biz dev techniques, but feminine energy as a way to create a specific result.

Liberation is the goal and the tools that have helped me the most have been breathwork, using cannabis as a trauma-healing medicine and owning my own sacred sensuality. I'm not perfect but I stumble at times, but I have really good tools and really good community that holds me. And I want that for you. I know that this is not for everyone. It's hard, messy, scary at times but oh so worth it.

This is a true story. . .

Six months after I had graduated from high school, I was married and became a member of a strict religion. In addition to being forbidden to watch television, listen to music, cut my hair, or wear pants in public, I was also subjected to mental intimidation and abuse in the name of religion at the hands of my husband. After seven years, when I confronted church leaders about this behavior, I was condemned and cast out. Invisible to my entire congregation and extended family. With nothing to fall back upon, no money, education, or community, my three daughters and I set out to make a new life. Every extra penny I had, I poured into educating myself and I started several businesses.

In time I opened and ran a successful medical massage clinic. I have personally worked with over 10,000 patients. My specialty was post-traumatic-stress-disorder and closed head injuries. It's that body-centered approach that inspired my books and the system I created called the Feminine Manifesting Map.

My training is in all kinds of energy work, (I’ve been a Reiki teacher since 1992), cranial sacral, biofeedback, hypnosis, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Trauma Touch, MindBodyEnergy, plus outcome -based massage for medical conditions. The body is where everything starts and ends, and getting to the heart of the matter always starts with getting into the body.

It's why I love using cannabis with deep respect and awareness. For me, cannabis helped me discover in myself the power to throw new light on my own  long standing trauma. She helps me learn how to use this power to overcome my own distorted ideas and attitudes.

I get free to live the most amazing version of me that I can.  And I'd like to share that with you.

So nice to meet you,


PS Soul Awakened Business School is the training I wish I would of had when I graduated from massage school in 1994 and I'm excited to share it with you!

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Cannabis is not legal where I live.

I never take it for granted that cannabis is legal where I live in Colorado. You can work with CBD instead of full spectrum cannabis, if you wish. You also don't have to use cannabis in healing work. It's not required for participation. We are learning to use plant medicine, including cannabis, to drop more deeply into the body, not as a party experience. And there are other plant medicines that are legal around the world.

I'm already trained in Reiki but I'm interested in this course.

I respect and honor all other transmission-style healing systems including other forms of Reiki. If you've been previously initiated into Reiki you''ll be part of my Reiki lineage also. This class is more of a deep dive, an apprenticeship into teaching Reiki and using it to heal yourself and others. Reiki training is a foundational healing practice that will serve you the rest of your life. It helps you first heal yourself and is an amazing resource when working through deeper shadow work.

How are classes delivered?

All the modules except Reiki have a video series with handouts. Each week you'll have a new video. Reiki attunements will be done live via zoom and in-person at quarterly events held in Colorado. You can receive a Reiki attunement at a distance and still be 100% initiated. Energy moves outside of time and space.

Classes meet twice a week, once for Energy Mastery Training and once for Intentional Business: Double in 90. You'll also be part of a private group to ask questions and connect with other students.

iIf you have additional questions, please schedule some time with me at the link below.

join the good vibe, highly conscious, woo crew. it's free. 

i invite the misfits, the think out of the box crowd, the goddess, the nerd, the brilliant and the bumbling to be part of our tribe. tools to relax your mind, strengthen your body, and awaken your bliss. time you do something for you.  

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