You want to wake up to a life that you love

with people that you feel happy around

do good work and make a difference in the world.

It’s not too much to ask, right?

What’s really important to understand is that, at high levels of consciousness, happiness, satisfaction and financial abundance CANNOT be created outside of alignment of soul purpose.

Not only is it important that we are doing our purposeful work in the world, it is equally important that who we are in relationship with and how we approach life and business are aligned to our soul’s authentic self-expression.

Everyone has a soul purpose and you do too. The confusion comes when people can’t find their way what to that purpose or feel stuck when it comes to taking action towards that purpose. Before we can manifest the amazing life we’ve come to live, it’s important to understand how we’ve created what we’ve got.  And that’s where an Akashic Business Reading can help.

Here’s the deal: Working with the Akashic records is all about connecting the dots between agreements and declarations made and what you’re experiencing now. And as we observe these agreements, we actually change the outcome simply by the act of observing them. And that means you can let go of things that are holding you in place and finally experience the liberation and success you came to live!

The Akashic Records holds the blueprint of both your soul and the soul of your relationships, If you have a business, your business is even found in your Akashic Records. The records also contain your unique path to success and the full expression of your soul’s divine gifts.  Wealth, health, fulfilling relationships and a successful business are what’s possible when following the guidance of your soul’s blueprint accessed in the Akashic Records.

In this 90 minute experience, you and I will:

·  Access your personal and (business if needed) Akashic records

·  Identify your energetic strengths and the place you are evolving to

·  Uncover and clear the contributing factors that are creating resistance in your life

You’ll leave with a deeper understanding of yourself, your relationships, your soul purpose,  actions for your best go-to strategies. You'll also have a deep soul congruence for your work, your money and your life.  Investment for this is  $197. 

Please schedule an appointment with me to begin the process.  

We will meet by phone so I can understand what your challenges are, what you want to change and where you might be stuck.  We’ll will schedule a second appointment.  Prior to our second call,  I do about 45 minutes of research in the Akashic records.  We then meet by Zoom, the call will be recorded and I’ll provide the recording for you after the call.