Ever Wished You Could Be Bulletproof to Criticism and Negativity, Unlock Your Feminine Potential and Feel GOOD No Matter What?

You’d Be Unstoppable AF, a Divine Bad-Ass With Wisdom and Sass & Sexy As Hell (No Matter How “Old” You Are)

 Denver, CO | November 30, 2018 | $65 includes a GIA Certified Egg

Yoni eggs are the ultimate tool for growing your feminine power, also known as Shakti. 

Shakti is our abundance, our prosperity, our money, vitality. Shakti is power that comes from an infinite source power within you that you can tap into at all times. This power is linked to beauty, love, gratitude, forgiveness, generosity, healing and the power to bless. 

Once you have cultivated this power, nothing can take it from you. Feminine power is the transformative power that manifests ideas into reality and yoni eggs are hands down the best way to embody and develop feminine power.  

What are yoni eggs? They are small, smooth crystals traditionally made from jade and used internally to cultivate feminine power. The use of yoni eggs dates back thousands of years to Chinese royalty when women used jade yoni eggs to retain their youthful libido and muscle tone. 

Dawn Todd is a coach, speaker and author. She helps entrepreneurs connect intelligence with intuition, get out of their head and into their body and reconnect with the most sensual + embodied versions of themselves. As the creator of the Pleasure, Peace and Profit Blueprint and The Sensual CEO Podcast, she has real life conversations for women about sex, money, business &&leadership. With over 25 years as an entrepreneur, coach, author and healer she brings a deep understanding of spiritual principles alongside grounded practices for life and for business. Her stellar list of partners include Country Financial, Microsoft, American Express, Napoleon Hill Foundation, Rockies Venture Club, Angel Capital Summit, eWomenNetwork, and Constant Contact. Contact her at Dawn@DawnTodd.com or visit her at DawnTodd.com

A note from Dawn: 

If you are like me, you grew up knowing that hard work was inevitable and that you just couldn’t get what you really wanted. My parents taught me that my worthiness was directly related to what I did to prove that I deserved something. I lived on the hope that once I accomplished “that one thing” I could have what I really wanted.  

What I noticed was that the harder I worked the less I actually accomplished and that taking care of what other people needed and wanted from me never really stopped. It was the long suffering silence of feeling like I was always last on the list.  

The cost of this was a complete loss of my own aliveness, my own spark, my own pleasure. When you're always trying to prove yourself, achieve more, put in the hard work and suffer in order to prove yourself...you've just wasted ALOT of energy! 

What turned this around for me was a simple and ancient practice with a small egg-shaped stone. In 2014 I signed up for a class and a jade egg was included. I was a dutiful student with the jade egg and started experimenting. And what I learned was that so much of what I really wanted was just waiting for me to actually receive it!  

Yoni stones or jade eggs are used internally to cultivate sexual energy. And since sexual energy is LIFE FORCE energy and directly related to our MONEY, our SOUL calling and DESIRE, using a yoni egg began to radically transform me from the inside out.  

• I lost 100 pounds • I started riding my bike daily (1,980 miles this year alone!) • My libido went through the roof • I felt more confident and stopped judging myself so much • I could easily take inspired action towards my soul work • My abundance skyrocketed • I learned to trust myself and my body • I have way more energy and stamina for life • My fibromyalgia went into remission • I took a stand for myself and my desires • I sailed through menopause with few side effects  

So after four years of practice, training and inner work, I can say without a doubt THAT USING A YONI EGG IS THE SINGLE, MOST POWERFUL SHIFT CONSCIOUS WOMEN CAN MAKE TO GET UNSTUCK & LEAP FORWARD INTO EXPANDING BLISS. 

This class was designed from my 1,478 hours of training in Sacred Sexuality with Anaiya Sophia; Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching with Layla Martin and Jade Egg Midwifery with Grace Diaz. I’ve spent a ton of time learning these ancient and esoteric sexual practices so that I could pass them along to you. 

I have also taken a deep dive into finding and sourcing the most beneficial stones for internal use, and all the stones that I provide are certified by the Gem Institute of America (GIA). It’s super important that you make sure that the eggs you purchase are free from dyes or waxes and that the stone you buy is actually what is being sold.  

questions? contact me at Dawn (at) DawnTodd.com and I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.