The time has come for all rebels, paradigm shifters, energy activators and conscious people to get powerful and profitable!  It’s time for you to take off your blindfold, own your work and to make your difference in the world.

As a business coach with a background in energy work, I talk to people from all over the world.  I see it over and over again:  outdated and unhealed beliefs about money and influence interfere with entrepreneurs being as successful as they know they can be.  It’s the number one reason that entrepreneurs don’t make money.   And it’s lack of money that separates you from opportunities to play a bigger game.

When you hear your money beliefs and embrace the conscious energy of money you change how you relate to money.    Mastering your money is the one business skill that will make or break your success.

The conversation about money has to begin with understanding what the real purpose of money is. Money is the visible sign of universal energy and It is necessary to our outward life.  It’s true purpose and action is divine, designed to provide for us and lead us back to the divine.

The basic premise of this work is that our relationship with money mirrors our beliefs about our relationship with the Divine.

Soulful money speaks of right relationship with money, a way of interacting with money in a very conscious way.   It means that the way we make money reflects our soul calling.  It also means that all the places that we’ve put ourselves aside, allowed the fragmented and disenfranchised part of us to rule, said no to our intuition bubbling up, are acknowledged and healed.   And that our relationship with money is honorable, conscious and intentional.

This discussion of money is made with the understanding that money is energy. We are diving deep into what keeps us from accepting and receiving money.  And understanding at a profound level, what stops the energy of manifesting especially around money.  Many people believe that “manifesting” is about just getting money.  There are many things to manifest and it’s not all about the money.  More money, in and of itself, doesn’t mean that you’ll be happier or life will be easier.

There are many books, programs and trainings about intention, money, manifesting and abundance.  There are just as many books, if not more, written about business development and best practices in business.

The basic idea of many of these books is that if you think about something long and hard enough, it will happen.   Of course there is quite a lot of scientific evidence that what we focus on expands.

Unfortunately, these concepts are only part of the equation.   The conversation about using energy to create business in a predictable way must include addressing the underlying reasons that prevent us from creating what we know we are here to live.  These books often address action but it’s the over the top, pushy, get it done now kind of energy that is so unappealing.   It’s just action, not inspired action.

These books perpetuate a myth that we can simply imagine our dreams into reality.  And of course, this appeals to the imaginative, fanciful part of us.  It is heartbreaking to me to see how disappointed and disillusioned people become when they come face to face with this myth.  I’m talking about the idea that you can just think about something and it will happen.   So much frustration, so much anxiety.  It creates deep self-doubt and lack of self-confidence – and the belief that “something must be wrong with ME” because I’m sure thinking about what I want. . .and it’s NOT HAPPENING!

This premise is so obviously not totally true, because if it was, then every child in the world would only eat candy and never go to school!

With maturity, we come to the fact that if we want to live an authentic and productive life we do the work that it requires.   Now don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying that being intentional is ineffective.  .. it simply means that those intentions must come from an aligned and authentic and healed place.  And they must be followed up with the actions that will make a difference.

And that’s part of the goal of understanding conscious profit, because money and abundance shows up for us when we are aligned and authentic.

We currently live in a very unique time in history for three reasons.

One, it’s the first time that currency – money – coin, and now the plastic that represents it,  is the ONLY thing we can secure our daily needs with.   My father and I recently took a trip to his childhood home in upstate New York.  It’s still very rural to this day and as we drove through the hills and farms he grew up on he told me many stories of how my grandparents lived.  My grandmother raised chickens, and lots of them.  Each day she’d gather eggs and save them up until Saturday night. This was in the days before eggs were refrigerated.  On Saturday night, they would drive into town and my grandmother would trade her twelve dozen eggs (or more) for the weekly groceries.  No currency changed hands but she was able to feed her family with her talents.   That system of bartering for what was needed is long gone.  Unfortunately T-Mobile doesn’t accept fresh eggs to keep my phone working each month.   We must use cash or its equivalent.

Two, great wealth is held by a generation that now approaches the last stages of life.  Over the next three decades, trillions will fall into the hands of women and younger family members.   It is predicted to be the biggest wealth transfer in history from one generation to the next.   Here is the alarming part:   the same consciousness that created that wealth will NOT be the same consciousness that holds it and uses it for the greater good of humanity.   It is so important that we all begin to heal how we relate to money.

And three, we are living longer than they have in the past.   Never before have there been so many people over the age of 50 as there are now.  The average lifespan of a woman in 1800 was 37 years old.  Today, if a woman reaches age 50, statically she’ll reach age 85.  Think about this for a moment.  Remember when we were in our20’s and 30’s.   We were still trying to learn our manners and tie our own shoes.  Barely potty trained and juggling family, career and finding ourselves.   I don’t know about you but I came to the work I do now, which I consider to be my soul calling and mission, around age 40.   I’ve accomplished more in the last ten years that I did in the 20 years of adulthood prior to that.

We are the first generation in history to have thousands of awakened wise people amongst us.  Empowered, awake, speaking the language of our work and allowing the flow of money to support us.  We will influence not only our grandchildren, but our great grandchildren as well.

We MUST come into a soulful relationship with money.    It’s almost as if we are reinventing ourselves, reincarnating into the same body.   Instead of the hassle and mess of dying and then being reborn and having to learn to walk again, we are living longer with our accumulated wisdom and knowledge and bringing our work to the world.    Our midlife mark is an inner awakening and a call to our own power and alignment.  And money is part of what’s required to create experiences and enjoy every second of it.