Wondering what others have to say?

“My business coaching experience with Dawn Todd changed my life from session one. Her methods are unlike anything I have ever experienced, and she had me crying tears of joy upon really uncovering my life’s purpose. And this was just the beginning. As effective as she is in creating a spiritual, soul-compatible foundation for business success, Dawn is also a mastermind at the hardline facts and strategies for generating, maintaining and growing income and revenue streams and maximizing profit potential. She is truly gifted and brilliant, and a joy to work with – equally comfortable in the realms of business and spiritual success.” – Dana Cain, Dream Salvage Coach, Dana Cain Events, Denver County Fair, (303) 347 – 8252

“I have been a follower of Dawn Todd for almost a year now. She has been leading a Women’s Intention Circle where she helps others not only set their intentions but attain them too. I have learned so many great skills from her, as well as, learned many things about myself. She is an amazing leader and teacher. I would tell anyone who has the opportunity to work with her to absolutely do it. It WILL change your life!” – Jen Allen, Business Owner, Smart Home Audio and Video, (970) 460-9679

“As a relationship coach who feels divine feminine essence is key to a thriving couple, it was so appropriate that I hire a feminine manifesting and intentional business specialist as my coach. In our work together, Dawn has been so instrumental in guiding me and holding the space for my evolution as a female business owner. I now work from a grounded place that allows me to contribute to the transformation of humanity while at the same time consciously attract abundance. Dawn has truly helped me create divine alignment.” – Stacy Mackey, Denver’s Premier Relationship Coach,(720) 539-1589

I thoroughly believe that Dawn and I were divinely united! When I met her, I was floating away in creative confusion. I had all these middle of the night desires bursting out of me for my business, but couldn’t ground them in my reality. I was tired and desperately wanted to see my outer life and work reflect the blossoming energy I felt going on inside. So, I dived into Dawn’s feminine coaching style and within a month, could SEE in my business and family what I was FEELING in my soul. I’m more expanded now in every part of my life and am beyond grateful for the wise woman guidance that pours through Dawn’s work.” – Tiffany Josephs, Creator: Love-Joy Movement, (703) 887-1251

“I’m a business owner, graphic designer and illustrator. Mentoring with Dawn has been amazing! Since working with her, I have increased my ability to manifest positive results in my business and I’m way less at the effect of the challenges in business and have been more able to stay on task with my long term as well as short term goals. My business has increased and I am finding that not only the number of projects I am getting has improved, but also the quality of the projects, so not only are the projects I am pursuing find success, but also projects are coming in that I haven’t even had to increase my marketing or expend additional effort to create. I am more confident and I just feel like a leader and still feminine.” – Martha Pinkard-Williams, Artist/CEO In The Pink Design Studios, (303)-980-1477

“Dawn really helped me, through her coaching, to see that I needed to make a major change in the direction of my career. Without her coaching it is probable that I would still be in a bad situation wondering why I was still there. I am truly grateful to Dawn for her insight and guidance.” – Jackie Compton, CEO Balanced Equations Accounting. (970) 686-6444

“Dawn Todd is the consummate professional and the perfect coach! She listens to my needs, is comfortable with my changing process, guides me gently but firmly, and has given me more usable information than I have ever known was available. It is not always easy to get the right information and guidance in an affordable and individualized package. I give Dawn my highest recommendation.” – Nadyne Guzmán, PhD, Spiritual Care Fellow at JFK Partners, (719) 650-5538