Satisfaction. Expansion. A trust in the goodness of the universe. Beauty, contentment, confidence. It’s almost impossible to describe the feeling of pleasure in the body. And yet for women especially, it’s the most important sensation we can cultivate.

The Queen of Pleasure, Peace and Profit is the path of the enlightened women. No longer taking action simply as a lover, mother or wise woman, you have become the healed integration of these roles. This brings a deep compassion, balance and a powerful commitment, both to yourself and to those you serve. The archetype of the enlightened queen awakens the power and wealth innate in all of us. This wealth is not actually about money. Rather it’s about the deep abundance of the universe flowing through us.

I was taught that pleasure must be earned, and that there were “acceptable” ways to feel good and “shameful” ways to feel good. Even as a small child I knew this was not the whole truth. Feeling good pulls us towards something and feeling bad drives us away, so how could moving toward what is good be bad? Can you relate?

It’s funny how that line of logic pervades so much of our culture. Don’t let it be too good or it might be wrong. If it’s too good to be true it probably is. There’s no rest for the wicked.

Personal pleasure—orgasmic pleasure—ignites a chemical cascade of the neurotransmitter dopamine. Every time a woman has an orgasm, she is flooded with these feel-good chemicals. Studies are now showing that even thinking of pleasurable experiences can fire up the dopamine cascade. Dopamine improves your mood, boosts your self-confidence, ups your creativity and creates inner peace.

What creates peace of mind for you? If you’re like most women, knowing that you and those you love are safe, warm, happy, cared for and that it will continue tops the list.

Seems simple enough. We live in a rapidly changing world: volatile, uncertain, confusing. Peace of mind can be hard to come by. While we cannot control the state of world, we can control one thing.

That one thing is how we think, how we feel and what we focus on. The only action you can control is the action you take. Action that is congruent with pleasure. This is the process of making powerful decisions.

A powerful decision a promise you make to yourself. It’s the willpower and self-mastery to control your thoughts and feelings. You, and only you, must wrestle yourself to the ground. If you don’t like what you have been experiencing, stop thinking and feeling what you have been thinking and feeling, and turn the tide of energy into prosperity.Your success is directly related to how nourished, loved, sensual and beautiful you feel. It’s a fact that when you feel good in your body, you emit a powerful vibration, one that attracts abundance toward you. This energy is magnetic, and it impacts everything you do.

Drawing positive opportunities to you—more clients, better pay, increased access to people who need what you offer—is a matter of breaking through the barriers of shame and powerlessness. Once you shed light on these shadows, you don’t have to waste time and energy convincing people to buy what you’re selling. Instead, you invite them to share in what you have to offer.

As a woman you already know abundance is much more than income. All aspects of your life are intimately connected. Love, health, prosperity, spirituality, business and sex play together to create that feeling of happiness we call abundance.

Every business has a consciousness, an awareness, a purpose. Understanding what the business itself wants to create. Acknowledging the desire of the business increases profit because as spiritual entrepreneurs our businesses are energetically connected to us.

Profit expands with a strong and well functioning team who are empowered to take a leadership role both in practical matters and energetically.

The abundance you work so hard to create is actually intimately connected to your womb. Our abundance, our prosperity, is a direct mirror of our sexual vitality. This is why, when things are going well, you feel in the flow of life. Everything is easy. When you’re cut off from your sexual energy, everything things begin to stagnate.

This is also the place of the second chakra, which rules the womb. Energy expressed as libido—our creativity, our services and even our products—is also energetically housed here.

We also know now that, as women, we manifest from the pelvic floor up. By igniting the power of your womb, connecting with your sensual nature and honoring your body, you understand how to access deep reserves of wisdom and energy latent in your makeup.

A women in business radiates that awareness out into the world, consciously manifesting her soul calling in everyday activity, starting with measuring her energetic impact. She measures what really matters in her business, her relationships and her health. She actually loves the numbers because she understands that the numbers represent how her energy and intention are behaving. She isn’t afraid of monitoring her impact for signs of trouble because she knows she can always change the energetic direction of her life in the same way she can alter her breath.