You can’t decide if you are going to be a leader. You can only decide if you will become the type of person others want to follow.

As women, we often we judge our success based on an old, outdated version of what business and life should look like. Harder, faster, longer and stronger simply isn’t sustainable for women and in fact creates it’s own host of challenges.

Our society is changing faster than ever and we face enormous challenges that can only be addressed with a different mindset and a different set of actions than we’ve used in the past.

The reality for each of us, when it comes to our business or career, is that we are all “blind” on certain things about our businesses and ourselves – including our unique strengths.

Who is best able to see our blind spots? Smart, sharp, savvy women that you can trust and who have a track record of amazing personal and career success.

I call these groups the Feminine Leadership Roundtables™and they are a small group of women (about 8) who who come together to give, receive, collaborate, strategize and share. It’s the ONE thing that can make the biggest difference in your business!

My facilitated Feminine Leadership Roundtables™ have the potential to help you:
• Accelerate business development.
• Create systems and structure to accommodate rapid growth in your business.
• Design a strategy to scale your business.
• Manage your time so that you still have a productive and happy personal life.
• Associate with influential and successful women in business.
• Step into your leadership skills in a powerful and feminine way.

I have created twelve different learning topics to support and guide the  journey as a feminine leader. I created this online circle experience so that my clients could embody the feminine archetypes of leadership: regeneration, cooperation, creativity, empathy, support, intuition.

They experience of belonging to a women’s circle, and receiving support and wisdom from other women on the feminine leadership journey is profound. As women become more empowered, we use our natural skills gifts and talents to create what we want, empower those around us and impact the world for good. When empowered women connect, they develop a deep collective power for change and support.

This experience is a benefit of becoming my client.   For more information, you can go here or  please schedule some time for us to talk.