Benefits of Breathwork

Dawn Todd

There is an undeniable connection between how we breathe and the way we feel. Our breathing changes automatically in response to our emotional state. Think about how you feel when you are anxious. Your breathing is likely shallow, yet when you are relaxed, your breathing is deeper. Many studies now show that actively changing our breathing patterns changes our mood state. One of the easiest ways to create transformation is the practice of breathwork, also known as pranayama in yogic traditions. Breathwork has been used for many thousands of years to change and control consciousness with very predictable results, including stress reduction and release of emotional pain. Recent research shows that conscious, connected breathing creates deep muscle relaxation and an increase in parasympathetic nervous system activity. Other studies show a drop in heart rate and blood pressure with the practice of breathwork. A study published in the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research enlisted 60 healthy participants, 30 of which practiced pranayama, and 30 of which did not, as a control group. The study measured physiological responses to the breathing techniques and noted that short-term “breathing exercise can also relieve stress through increased parasympathetic (vagal) functions, which suppressed the sympathetic activity, thus denoting the parasympathetic dominance.” What does that really mean? It means that breathwork is the fastest way to shift from a heightened state of negative stimulation to a place of calm awareness. Breathing is part of the autonomic nervous system, which controls the heart rate, blood pressure, digestion, and elimination. Conscious, connected breathing actually helps practitioners reduce stress and increase relaxation in both the mind and the body. The breath is the only function of the autonomic nervous system that can be reliably controlled by conscious human activity. Control of the brain through conscious, connected breathing is a method by which other functions of the body may also then be accessed. It makes sense then that control of the subconscious mind can be activated through this conscious breathing. Ancient texts define the breath, also known as prana, as vital life-force energy. It is the force that enlivens all matter and elements. Using the breath to access life-force energy amplifies and actives it, giving us more useable energy for what we desire. It is actually this process that unlocks the awakening process on a cellular level. This energy moves through the body and allows us to create an active connection between the conscious and subconscious mind. The part of the brain that transitions us from conscious to unconscious is the reticular activator system (RAS). The RAS is actually considered our arousal system, and nature has set up a system to conserve energy. In other words, we are only aroused when we have a concrete reason to be. That concrete reason can be related to safety, getting more resources or living out our calling. The RAS has a very specific function: it filters through the information received by our brain and determines what is important and what can be ignored. The RAS helps us to focus on what we want, on our calling and desire, and then transform that specific idea into physical achievement. The next questions we might ask is how do we activate the RAS? How do we increase our arousal to help us achieve our goals? As we focus on pleasure, on what lights us up, the RAS is activated and begins to scan the environment to find a way to achieve our intentions. It literally brings every bit of information that is in alignment with our desire into our conscious awareness. We hyper-focus on our intention through the work of the RAS. This in turn creates the perfect manifesting environment as we give more and more attention to what we want to experience. Active, conscious breathing also releases naturally occurring DMT into the brain. DMT or dimethyltryptamine, is a chemical compound that is found in the pineal gland. The pineal gland is a pinecone-shaped gland in the middle of your brain located between your eyes. DMT is also a man-made psychedelic drug that can induce out-of-body experiences or intense hallucinations. This naturally occurring chemical compound is found in every living animal, human, and some plants and is responsible for regulating our sense of time. This chemical is found in practically every vertebrate species. During times of extreme physical stress, some near-death experiences, and even during deep REM sleep, the body releases DMT. Yet despite DMT being naturally produced in the body, it is classified as a schedule 1 drug, which by law makes it the equivalent of magic mushrooms, peyote cactus, and opiates, like heroin. But don’t despair. The bottom line is that you have the power within you to experience reality in a different way, a way that can be gentle, healing and profoundly transf

The Missing Rules of Manifesting for Powerful Women

Dawn Todd

Your ability to manifest the abundance you crave and to feel 100% on fire starts with cultivating your feminine power an sensual energy. As a life coach, I want to help you recognize beautiful, spiritual moments in life and improve your confidence with feminine power. It was a beautiful sunrise. The kind of sunrise you feel deep in your bones, like everything is right in the world. It’s such a gift because you can’t plan to be in the exact right place at the exact right time and so I am always in deep appreciation for perfect timing when I’m witness to such a spiritual sight.  

 On this summer morning I had gotten my granddaughter out of bed early and we rode our bikes to the lake. She was riding my orange cruiser, complete with a flower basket on the front, and I’d made us breakfast sandwiches to eat at the lake. Being ten, she had no qualms about riding to the lake in her swimsuit, and in fact, she was rather insistent upon it. “Grandma, I want to get right in the water when we get there!” I had my yoga mat on my back and a thermos of coffee on my bike. We were both set for a great, successful morning. After we parked our bikes on the sand, I got out my mat and my granddaughter got in the water. I joined her and we were up to our necks in cold lake water as the sun came over the horizon. Simply incredible. As a woman in business, I was really appreciative that I could plan my day around a sunrise swim with my granddaughter. After we played in the water, I was ready for yoga. I settled on my mat and began my spiritual practice, toes at the edge of the water, stretching up to the cloudless sky. Yes. . . soooo good. “Grandma!” “Yes, baby” “Do you know what we need?” Silence so grandma can finish her pose? “No, love, tell me. What do we need?” “We need some goggles! The water is too cold to keep my eyes open. It’s too cold for my eyeballs.” Ah yes, goggles. That would be perfect. “Okay, let’s see if we can find some when we get back to my house”. And a nice deep forward bend, exhaling. She was happy with this response, at least for the moment, and swam away. As I came back into standing position, I took in the scene – the beach, sunrise, yoga, my granddaughter, and I was filled with such love and awe for that moment. If my feelings had been visible, it would have looked like a rising balloon expanding to encompass the entire beach. I closed my eyes to savor the spiritual moment and then opened them as I took a forward bend. There in front of me, in the sand, what was that? It had washed up to the edge of my mat when my eyes were closed. Leaning forward I pulled a child sized pair of goggles out of the water. Wait, what?? “Hey love, will these work?” “Grandma, did you bring these?” “No, they washed up on the beach, they must be just for you!” Yeah, I pulled them out of thin air for you, but who’s counting. Wow, talk about manifesting! Her squeal of delight made me laugh out loud. As we rode home, it really sunk in that the goggles had shown up in direct response to the rules of attraction and manifestation. But the principles at work were some of the lesser known points. After studying the rules of attraction for decades, I had dialed in the “how-to” of attraction for powerful women. As a woman in business, I felt it was a competitive advantage to understand and apply these principles in the how to make money a conversation. As I contemplated the experience, I had new insights and understanding about some of the “missing links” of manifesting and I thought you might want to know what these missing links were all about. Briefly: 1. Feelings create a magnetic field 2. Feelings are broadcast on the earth’s magnetic field also known as gravity 3. The universe interacts with us through feelings 4. Energy responds to feelings, not words 5. Sensual energy is incredibly potent 6. Women hold energy in the feminine power center (part of the second chakra) 7. Feminine energy moves upward to manifest, not down 8. Appreciation and savoring build a charge of energy 9. Releasing that charge with a single intention in mind is like releasing a lightning strike 10. The mindset of “no-expectation” produces a super quick result If you’d like to work with these feminine power links more in depth, perhaps we should have a conversation. I love working as a life coach, and we can work together to improve your confidence and spiritual life.

Flawsome: Why Failing is the New Success 

Dawn Todd

Welcome to Your Imperfect Life. Relax, it’s going to be all right. Not perfect is not a bad thing. In fact, imperfections are a good thing. They can cause growth and laughter. They can make you a more authentic person. They can be things of beauty. They can empower and grow self-confidence. Business coaching will boost your confidence, create an environment for you to be the successful woman leader you have wanted to be, and improve your professional career.  

Not too shabby for something that most people try to cover up, ignore and avoid.  

Didn’t get that client you really wanted to work with? Flawsome. Something better is coming along. 

So, you beautiful women in business…..don’t really understand the numbers that make your business tick but too embarrassed to ask for help?  

Flawsome. You’ve been successful up to this point without really mastering the numbers, imagine what’s possible if you really got it.  

Didn’t hit your goal of losing 25 pounds but lost 22 instead? Flawsome. Steady progress wins the race and is still successful.  

Believe me, I know all about being a less than perfect female leader, but it’s taken a long time to recognize flawsome. I used to be totally focused on making sure everything was done right, all the time. I succumbed to the expectations of my husband (now my ex) had for a perfectly clean house all the time, dinner on the table when he arrived home, kids happy and always well-mannered, and of course, to be ten pounds below my ideal weight. Because that’s just what a good wife does, right?  

That same attitude carried over to my businesses. I’ve been a women entrepreneur and business owner for (geez!) 30 years and I have sure made my share of mistakes. Compulsively checking and re-checking the marketing pieces. Not stepping out and meeting people because public speaking gave me a migraine (I have overcome this one, thank goodness!) Being afraid to ask for the sale because I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Being over-confident in sales projections and making a large buying decision based on faulty numbers.  

Flawsome, baby. How could any of these possibly be flawsome? Because it shaped me into who I am today. Taught me to fight for my self-esteem, confidence, and intelligence. To stand up and speak up for what is right and true. To respect myself enough to insist on respect. As a women leader, to ask for the sale and to absolutely know the numbers in my business that drive success.  

It seems to me that failing, and failing big, is actually the new success model. You can’t really work out the kinks in anything without a spectacular fail or two along the way.  

I used to think that if I just had happy thoughts everything would be okay. There’s no doubt about it, positivity is always a plus in any woman’s life. We could all use a boost of positivity and confidence in ourselves and in our abilities.  

But what happens when the tide of negativity overwhelms our consciousness and deflates the positive progress we have make? It’s then that the female power of habit kicks in. The muscle we develop in this situation helps establish a strong, creative, confident, and courageous temperament.  

When you believe that a mistake is evidence that you’re weak, worthless and not trying hard enough it’s actually evidence of how you really feel about yourself. You feel that you’re weak. You feel that you’re worthless. Eventually, you feel that nothing you do will succeed. You lose confidence in yourself and in your abilities. Something that doesn’t exist actually has the ability to make you fail at life.  

The way around these problems is simple. You need to begin embracing your imperfections and see them for what they really are – flawsome opportunities for growth and self-knowledge. For women leaders, recognizing flawsome and moving forward anyway is essential. Without it, everything in business and life comes to a screeching halt. Personally, I think that the way we define beauty influences our idea of perfection.  

The Chaos and Beauty of Feminine Power There are two ways of approaching a definition of beauty. In the West, we have tended to define beauty in terms of the absolute. We associate beauty with perfection. Think about Keats’s poem “Ode on a Grecian Urn” which contains the line that “beauty is truth, truth beauty – that is all you know on earth and all you need to know.” That line encapsulates our ideas about what beauty really is. For many, beauty is an ideal. This means that, like all ideals, beauty exists on a higher plane of reality than the rest of us. It is different than us. It is apart from us. It is not us. In short, in the minds of many, beauty is synonymous with perfection.