Are You a Transformational Entrepreneur?

business mentorIt’s so important for business coaches and healers to understand what a transformational entrepreneur really is and how we are different from the average self-employed person. It’s an important distinction because as business mentors, we see things much differently than most in the business world. There’s no right or wrong here,  it’s just different.

A transformational entrepreneur is a business owner who creates transformation for others. Not unlike the healers and shamans of old, we diagnose and treat problems that manifest in everyday life, such as not being able to keep a relationship, or not finding your ideal weight, or not making money in your business. We do this through the soul based system that has emerged through us based on our own story and our soul calling.

As business coaches, we create a container for healing and we must take responsibility for opening that container and fully allowing the work to move through. Business coaching is the art of falling in love with our clients highest intention for themselves and lending our energy and intention to help manifest that. As a coach and business mentor, if we lose this understanding of what we are actually doing for and with our clients, we fall into the murky water of working with clients only for the money.

The characteristics of a transformational entrepreneur are as follows. See if you recognize yourself in these attributes.

  1. We understand and see things through the eyes of energy, vibration and a whole cosmos of deeper meaning and spirituality behind the normal appearance of things.
  2. We understand that transformation happens with vibration, not information. Speaking, teaching,  energy work, and our connection to our spiritual source fuels our work and informs everything we do as successful women.
  3. We live a body-centric lifestyle that includes body awareness and self-care as the basis of our own transformation.
  4. We are in a constant state of change.  Life, as a transformational entrepreneur will never be static and set in stone,  it goes against the very nature of our work as business mentors.
  5. Because we are in the “business of transformation”, our work is always sourced from our connection to spirit and a constant seeking of a deeper relationship with the Divine.
  6. We know how to move energy and intention in people and animals.  The average business owner does not and that my friend is our secret weapon. You can move energy in a client,  why not in your business?
  7. We follow work with ourselves and our business in an ascending flow of energy. You can read more about this in my book Love Pray Manifest.