Hi, I’m Dawn and I’m the Sensual CEO.  I often tell women that I have the mind of a business coach and the heart of a mystic, supported by the wisdom of the sensual feminine.    I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 30 years,  and a full time coach for the last twelve.  As you might imagine, I’ve talked with a lot of entrepreneurs over the years.
Whether I’m speaking at events or just talking with people  about their business,  I connect with so many amazing business owners who have huge dreams and goals. . . . seems like most of them have these challenges in common:
• They are stressed out, working too much but not making a predictable income.
• They let outside forces (family, school, weird weather, etc) determine how much time and energy they spend on business.
• They do everything in their business and cannot delegate.
• They just don’t have enough really good clients.
• They have a great idea but don’t know how to find a way to make money with it.
These all add up to one thing:  confusion, stress and not enough money.
Something has to shift!
See,  these aren’t problems that can be solved with another video or worksheet.   What you need is one-on-one time with a coach that can kick your butt, tell you the truth, and help you focus on what you need to do NOW to be more productive and more profitable.
People often ask me:  Can one conversation really make a difference?
If that conversation is with an accomplished coach who will tell you the truth about where you’re stuck, why, and the most powerful next steps to catapult your life.
BUT. . . you have to be fully committed to stretching out of your comfort zone, to having a real breakthrough. . . . . and to taking the action required for sustainable success.
If you:
Are looking for clarity of purpose
Want a lights-on approach to manifesting the life you desire
Are looking for an authentic coach dedicated to empowering your alignment and abundance
I’d be honored to have a conversation with you.