Hello, I'm Dawn Todd and since 2006 I've been empowering women to get what they want.

With a strong background in energy healing as well as business,   I help women come out of hiding,  get connected to their calling and make  their brilliance  their  business.  

In a word,  it's congruence with body, mind and soul.  

And to be honest,  it's the biggest stumbling block for most of the women that I work with.  It's hard to know how to take  what you are really gifted at and turn it into something profitable.   I know you've heard it all before.

 "Follow your bliss" or "Trust in the flow". . . .

If THAT worked we wouldn't be having this conversation.  There's something much bigger at work here, something  stirring us up to finally be about our business.  And it starts in the body. 

See, I'll bet you didn't know that women create and manifest differently then men do.  Yup, it's true.  And all that "think and you'll get rich" stuff was written by men for men.  

No wonder we as women have such a hard time figuring it out and making it work for us. 

You've got to know WHY you're here before you can figure out WHAT business or work you should be in. 

AND, every women has what I call "soul super-powers".   They are gifts and talents and ways of running our energy that indicate our biggest strengths and our deepest weakness. 

Did you know that for women,  if  we are not 100% congruent with our soul calling, our work and how we make money that we simply can't make success happen? 

If you are ready to discover your personal, professional, and spiritual purpose and align that with who you are AND make it profitable, you're in the right place.  

What Clients Say...

"As a relationship coach who feels divine feminine essence is key to a thriving couple, it was so appropriate that I hire a feminine manifesting and intentional business specialist as my coach. In our work together, Dawn has been so instrumental at guiding me and holding the space for my evolution as a female business owner. I now work from a grounded place that allows me to contribute to the transformation of humanity while at the same time consciously attract abundance. Dawn has truly helped me create divine alignment." -SM

"Since I’ve been mentoring with Dawn, I’m much more organized in my business and I feel more confident in my ability to sponsor the right people and lead my team from the feminine place of leadership. I also reached the next level of leadership in my company, and I’ve learned how to operate as a coach with my team, shorten the lifecycle of the sponsoring process, and mentor my team to take high value actions." -BM 

"When I met Dawn,  I was floating away in creative confusion. I had all these middle of the night desires bursting out of me for my business, but couldn’t ground them in my reality. I was tired and desperately wanted to see my outer life and work reflect the blossoming energy I felt going on inside. So, I dived into Dawn’s feminine coaching style and within a month, could SEE in my business and family what I was FEELING in my soul. I’m more expanded now in every part of my life and am beyond grateful for the wise woman guidance that pours through Dawn’s work."  -TJ


Powerful, Profitable and Fabulous

Ready to Change the Game of Feminine Business and Leadership?