Dawn Todd, Coach, Author, Speaker  


What My Clients Say

"Dawn has a beautiful way of melding the business world with your inner core and giving yourself permission to embrace it.   She is very skilled, compassionate and extremely professional.  
I highly recommend her".  -HC

""When I met Dawn,  I was floating away in creative confusion. I had all these middle of the night desires bursting out of me for my business, but couldn’t ground them in my reality. I was tired and desperately wanted to see my outer life and work reflect the blossoming energy I felt going on inside. So, I dived into Dawn’s feminine coaching style and within a month, could SEE in my business and family what I was FEELING in my soul. I’m more expanded now in every part of my life and am beyond grateful for the wise woman guidance that pours through Dawn’s work."  -TJ 

""Dawn Todd is the consummate professional and the perfect coach! She listens to my needs, is comfortable with my changing process, guides me gently but firmly, and has given me more usable information than I have ever known was available.   I give Dawn my highest recommendation".   -MG 

What Makes Me Different

Why listen to me?   Because I’ve been in your shoes.   I have made my share of mistakes with money.  I’ve  created businesses, lost them, rebuilt them and done it again.  I’ve helped women create business from scratch on their kitchen table,  or  double their business, clients and income in 90 days or less.  And  I’ve helped women with extraordinary businesses create even more success while at the same time carve out a life that deeply matters to them. 
The last time I had a “real job”  was 1989 and since 2006  I’ve been a business coach for women, a speaker, author and trainer.   My  women’s professional development group Wildly Successful Women has helped many women get connected and grow their businesses.   You can find my two books “The Feminine Intention” and “Love Pray Manifest” on Amazon.
If you’re reading this and you are a transformational entrepreneur or want to  be one,  if you can’t seem to get over the money hurdle,  or if you have tried everything to release your prosperity chains but you are still struggling,  I think  you’ll find this book helpful.  

Want to have a conversation about your business, money and manifesting?  

Want to know what breaks my heart?   When I talk to a transformational entrepreneur that can’t make a living doing what they love.   It tears me up.  Because I KNOW that often,  with just a few small changes and some mindset shifts,  you can be profitable right away.  
You might think that my work with clients is all about healing their relationship with money.  You’d be only partially correct.   A huge part of my work is     1. Clearing the debris to receiving and then     2. Creating an amazing business for you to express your soul calling.  
If you  aren’t making money as a transformational entrepreneur,   let's talk.